Invited Speakers


Prof. Herbert Ipser, University of Vienna, Austria

“TOFA: Past, Present and Future”


Prof. Kazuki Morita, the University of Tokyo, Japan

“Experimental evaluation of thermodynamic interactions between tellurium and various elements in molten iron”
Prof. Jong-Jin Pak, Hanyang University, Korea

“Thermodynamics of inclusion formation in high alloy steel melts”
Prof. Philip Nash, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

“Enthalpies of formation of ternary intermetallic compounds”
Prof. Gabriella Borzone, University of Genova, Italy

“Calorimetry of metallic systems: from macro to nano scale”
Prof. Yong Du, Central South University, China

“Through-process modeling of CVD TiSiCN coating and its experimental verification”
Dr. Guen-Woo Lee, KRISS, Korea

“Thermophysical properties and Temperature-time transformation (TTT) diagram of Cu-Zr alloys using containerless technique”
Dr. Dongwon Shin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

“Modern computational thermodynamics of alloys with peta/exascale supercomputing and material informatics”
Dr. Ryoji Sahara, NIMS, Japan

“Design of high temperature materials by first principles based thermodynamic calculations”